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Do you wanna be fashionista this summer

Finding your own personal fashion style from season to season doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. The keys to success are being strategic and, of course, having fun! Here are some tips on how to revamp your wardrobe, and showcase your vibrant personality through your fashion choices:

The Colour
Let go of your colour-phobia! It’s easy to fall into the safe rut of having a colour monotone closet, filled with pastels, blacks, beiges or navy. Take the plunge this year and reclaim your rainbow! Orange is the No. 1 colour in fashion this season, with red and yellow following in second and third.

If you are feeling reluctant about being too bold, ease into colour by adding it in small but dynamic accents. Bright jewelry or shoes are a safe way to excite your outfit without overwhelming yourself – and others – with a loud colour.

The Prints/Graphics/Lace
Have fun with graphics! Sharp geometric shapes and graphic designs are back in style this season. The great thing about embracing prints is that they can be very forgiving with any physical imperfections you feel you may have.

By paying attention to the print’s blocking (the way the colours fall on your body), you can accentuate your goods with simple optical illusions. Remember, if you are going to wear a busy print, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Ocean prints and nautical graphics are also a good pick for a casual look. Blues and turquoise colours complement paler skin. Asian-influenced prints are not a new trend, but are worth a look. Elegant and often unassuming, they give the illusion of class and the exotic (perfect for summer), even on a simple t-shirt.

Lace and sheer materials are a great way to spice up your look, while still keeping it casual. Choose items with small lace or sheer detailing rather than risking overkill. Sometimes less is more.

The Fit
Finding clothing that works with your body and not against it can sometimes be a difficult task, especially for mature women. The issue with many reasonably priced retail stores catering to women over 50 is that they don’t actually cater to woman over 50. We find ourselves stuck with limp, baggy t-shirts and tank tops that just cover the body, but don’t celebrate it.

Unless you have a large clothing budget or a personal seamstress, finding apparel perfectly suited to your body can be challenging and time consuming. A quick and economical solution is to have your clothing altered – by a professional or do it yourself. When you find an item you love, buy a size larger, and have it customized for your body. It will make all the difference in how it fits and how you feel.

The Accessories
Scarves and earrings and belts – oh my! One of the best ways to create your own unique fashion personality is with your accessories. It’s all you need to crank up the style on any outfit! Floral printed summer scarves add elegance to an otherwise one-note outfit.

The Bohemian look is back, which means there is an immense variety of beautiful prints for scarves available at retail outlets, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your ensemble.

Another of my favourite accessories this summer is the clench belt. A throwback to the ’80s, they are back with a vengeance and work for most body types. Try one with an oversized shirt or dress. It instantly gives you an hour-glass figure by redefining your waist. Be adventurous! You will be surprised how much a unique accessory will liven up an otherwise dull outfit.

Targeting the Senior Citizen Population

As the population of our country ages and the demand for senior-friendly housing increases, are you ready for the challenge? Communities catering to the “active adult” are springing up everywhere as these retirees who want housing that meets their lifestyle and needs are looking to perhaps make a move. But what about the senior who wants to stay in the home in which they have made a lifetime of memories?

For the senior who wants to remain in that home but might need to supplement their income or have a particular financial goal in mind, there is another option. And that option is one little known insider secret that savvy real estate professionals across the country are embracing in record numbers. It’s the reverse mortgage.


A reverse mortgage?

Isn’t that for seniors who want to stay in their homes? As a real estate professional why do I need to even think about this product? The answer may surprise you. There are a few very creative ways to build your business and enhance your position in the industry as specialist in working with the senior market using the reverse mortgage as a financing tool.

As the baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) approach retirement age, they are having a real impact on the real estate market and the economy in general. Companies are implementing strategies geared to capturing the attention of the baby boomers. How can you position yourself to serve their real estate needs as this next generation of seniors makes their home buying and selling decisions? And just how could the reverse mortgage fit into this picture?

Let’s consider for a minute the definition of a reverse mortgage. It is a loan product that enables people age 62 and over who own a home to take a percentage of the equity out of their home without having to sell the home, move, or take on a new mortgage payment. Some of the more common uses for reverse mortgage proceeds include supplementing one’s income, paying for expensive medications, paying off a mortgage, basically uses that would be considered “needs”, as opposed to “wants”.

As the reverse mortgage gains popularity (record numbers of reverse mortgages have been originated in recent years) the uses for the proceeds have become more and more creative and these proceeds are being used to meet the “wants”. Increasing numbers of seniors are using reverse mortgages to fund travel, gifts to children and grandchildren, and charitable giving. But there is one more use that will be of particular interest to real estate agents.


What if a senior could use reverse mortgage proceeds to purchase another home?

Yes, indeed, the proceeds can be used for virtually any purpose, so why not help your senior clients meet their real estate goals by utilizing the reverse mortgage? Let’s say you have a senior couple whose dream it has been to own a vacation property that all of their children and grandchildren could enjoy together. They have been struggling to figure out how they can afford it. The savings they have available are not enough for a cash purchase and they are hesitant to take out a “forward” mortgage for fear of the monthly payment.