Monthly Archives: June 2017

Love With Pullout Shelves

You might not think that making a small change to your shelves can have a large impact on your life, but that’s exactly what pullout shelves do! By simply adding professional grade sliding rails, sliding your shelves out will be a breeze. With just a touch of a finger, pullout shelves will provide the easy kitchen access you’ve been waiting for.

Pullout Shelves as a solution

If you are tired of having to deal with inefficient storage, you should consider retrofitting your existing cabinets with pullout shelves. They provide the most access to your storage areas with the least hassle. Pullout shelves make even the deepest parts of your cabinets easy to reach; and they save time by enabling you to instantly see where everything is located in your cabinets, so you won’t have to waste time searching for what you need.

Don’t settle for a kitchen that isn’t customized the way you use it. You deserve a kitchen that you love, and installing pullout shelves will finally give you that feeling. ShelfGenie® specializes in creating customized pullout solutions that can help overcome the hurdles of having traditional shelves.


The Colour
Let go of your colour-phobia! It’s easy to fall into the safe rut of having a colour monotone closet, filled with pastels, blacks, beiges or navy. Take the plunge this year and reclaim your rainbow! Orange is the No. 1 colour in fashion this season, with red and yellow following in second and third.

If you are feeling reluctant about being too bold, ease into colour by adding it in small but dynamic accents. Bright jewelry or shoes are a safe way to excite your outfit without overwhelming yourself – and others – with a loud colour.

The Prints/Graphics/Lace
Have fun with graphics! Sharp geometric shapes and graphic designs are back in style this season. The great thing about embracing prints is that they can be very forgiving with any physical imperfections you feel you may have.

By paying attention to the print’s blocking (the way the colours fall on your body), you can accentuate your goods with simple optical illusions. Remember, if you are going to wear a busy print, keep the rest of your outfit simple.